Summer Corporate Festival-Themed Celebration

Add a dash of excitement and vibrancy to your next corporate event!

This recent festival-themed corporate party in summer 2023 was unforgettable! We used our signature pink stretch tent to create a captivating space for guests relax under, providing an area for eating and drinking before heading back onto the dancefloor.

The allure of the pink stretch tent was enhanced by the multi-coloured picnic benches underneath. These vibrant seating arrangements not only added a playful touch but also fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie.

The luxury matting provided a plush foundation, soft to touch and meticulously chosen for both comfort and style. The matting added a layer of sophisticated while ensuring that every step taken within this vibrant space was cushioned with opulence.

As the sun dipped, the tent transformed into a breathtaking spectacle illuminated by festoon lighting. The soft, ambient glow cast by these lights draped the area, infusing the atmosphere with an inviting warmth.

For enquiries about creating your own exciting event space, or to explore more of our unique offerings, get in touch with us today!

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