Do you have a wellness space?

We all hope that lockdown is temporary. Being cooped up is no fun and going outside can be a challenge during inclement weather. Extending the house may seem a little extreme, however we have the answer, which can be as temporary as we hope this situation will be.

As children we spent much more time outside. As time goes on life gets busier and we do not have as much time to exercise and embrace the outdoors, despite it being scientifically proven to be good for your mind, soul, and body.

Countless reports have shown that spending time outdoors can de-stress us, with people who increase their time spent outside showing lower levels of cortisol – a hormone often used as a marker for stress. The outdoors can also help get your mind back on track by exposing it to restorative environments. In a generation that’s still getting used to working from home, one of the key advantages of spending more time outside is the increased focus it provides. The natural world allows our brains to take a break from all that mentally drains us, and even reduces symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. One study found that some people’s mental energy increased even when they just looked at photos of nature!

By installing a stretch tent, you too are able to have your own outdoor wellness space. Thanks to the flexibility of our custom solutions, a stretch tent can be installed wherever you desire, with no alley too thin and no garden too big to prevent us from providing a bespoke solution for your requirements.

We have standard sizes available for installation today from 6x6m. 6x10m. 10×10. 10 x15 and even bigger for those beautiful big spaces. In addition, we have lighting, heating and can also provide yoga mats!

We are available to install tents during lockdown, obviously keeping our distance, but never needing to enter your property to do so.

Find your own wellness space using a luxury stretch tent, contact our expert team today to discuss your requirements.

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