Marquees v Stretch Tents

The days of marquees being the go-to for all outside events are over. Stretch tents have infiltrated the sector in recent years and it comes as no surprise, thanks to the versatility and efficiency that they provide. In this blog we look into the top four reasons why you should consider a stretch tent hire for your next big event.  

  1. Flexibility 

One of the biggest drawbacks of marquees is the fact that they are very systematicThis means that they are only built on a frame which must be placed in a set area, most of the time is in an area which isn’t ideal for you – whether that be in a flower bed, through roof trusses or interrupting tree canopies, it’s isn’t the best solution. It isn’t often we find that outdoor spaces are perfectly square on a 3 or 5 metre grid!  

The layout of marquees often means that venues don’t get what they specifically want, but rather a rigid solution that doesn’t show ofthe space as effectively as possible. When it comes to stretch tent hire, the offerings are much more flexible, and your tent can be installed around the sensitivities of your venue. Whether on an angle, a slope, or even around a corner. For those unique spaces, we can create and manufacture bespoke solutions. We’ve previously had the pleasure for example of arranging bespoke fittings for Grantley Hall and Raby Castle both near our base in Yorkshire. 

2. Speedy Installation and deconstruction 

Even though stretch tents require less staff to be installed, the whole process is a lot simpler than marquees. The equipment is limited, with set ups consisting of a tent, a pole, a rope and a ground stake (or wall anchor) in its simplest form. No large vehicles or lifting equipment are required and depending on the installationwe could arrive on the morning of the event and have the installation complete within 3 hours. If needed, we could also take down the tent at the end of the day without interruption. 

3. Variety of colours 

Stretch tents can be adjusted to fit even the most awkward of areas so no matter where your event is, we can ensure that your stretch tent hire will do the job. However the flexibility doesn’t stop there as our vast range of tents means we can offer various colours, giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and choose a colour which ties in with your company branding or party theme. 

4. Less environmental impact 

One of the biggest drawbacks of marquee tent hire is that installation can involve much equipment, many vehicles and many men over several days. it can leave the venue damaged for a couple of weeks after the event. Some event locations may not even agree to a marquee event, as it could take a while to recover their grounds afterwards. When it comes to stretch tent events this isn’t the case as they are lighter, quicker to install, allow more light onto the ground, and can be deconstructed quickly, all of which is a lot kinder on the venue with no large vehicles, less event crew, and less damage to grounds. 


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