Unusual marquees: Stretch canopy, tent, gazebo or Bedouin style for rent or sale.

If you are looking for a longer term or bespoke solution to your event space, long-term stretch hire or custom manufacture is the solution.

It is commonplace to see venues and restaurants install traditional marquees or a Tipi to cater for wedding season, certainly in Yorkshire, for example. However, these marquee types are rigid in their size, shape and geometry. Tipis are circular and sides are either fixed up or down. Traditional marquees are based on a regular, modular steel grid.

A stretch tent however is far more adaptable and more suited to a wide range of circumstances. A custom stretch tent can be designed and tailored to suit any irregular space, be it a terrace, a courtyard even a roof top! Aesthetically far more sensitive and less obtrusive. Accordingly, we have worked with several Historic Venues and Medieval Castles. For example Raby Castle, co Durham, we designed, manufactured, and installed a custom café canopy to provide an extended covered seating area for the hugely popular café. We have provided several canopies to the highly acclaimed Grantley Hall Hotel, Harrogate, Yorkshire.

We can design, supply, and install custom stretch tents to your requirement. These can be for sale or rental based on your specific requirements and we can provide ongoing management, cleaning, and storage if you desire. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirement we can provide full computer design visualisation to assist you in the process of designing your own custom stretch tent.