Keeping Your Staff Happy

Its International week of happiness at work 2020 from the 21st to the 27th of September, focused on raising the awareness of keeping staff happy within work. A slice of their manifesto beliefs: 

“For organisations. Happier employees are more involved, more productive, more cooperative, more creative, and more innovative. They are less likely to call in sick and there is a decreased chance they will experience a burnout.”  

With the understanding that happy staff equates to higher quality output, the mental health foundation has said that work time spent outdoors can benefit employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. Time spent in the fresh air helps to stimulate the brain, reduce anxiety, also reduce stress levels and fatigue. 

Stretch and Style have the answer to getting your staff outdoors in the fresh air, protected them from the elements in the form of a stretch tent. From holding meetings outdoors, providing a sheltered staff canteen area, to an outdoor reception, anything is possible.  

If you need a specific corporate colour or to fit a certain outdoor area, we can manufacture a custom option for you. We can provide full computer visualisation or design to assist you in the process of designing your own custom stretch tent, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements. 

For more details contact our expert team today. 

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