Stretch Tent Planning Permission

Due to the current pandemic, planning permission for stretch tents has changed. This is great news for our customers and clients as originally the temporary use of land with a stretch tent was 28 days, now it has been doubled to 56 days without needing an application for planning permission. 

Some examples of how this could positively impact your business include: providing a sheltered staff canteen area, covered team meetings, extended serving space for hospitality, and outdoor reception areas. We can offer various sizes of high quality tents to help provide outdoor areas protected from the weather in all these situations to keep staff safe in the fresh air and adhering to the social distancing guidelines put in place.

New measures are also being put in place by the government to help protect your customers, bringing a sigh of relief for all businesses wanting to provide a safe environment. For the hospitality industry, being able to provide a safe covered space outside for customers to drink and dine will be made easier with the government introducing new changes including:

“Reducing the consultation period for applicants for pavement licences from 28 calendar days to 5 working days, after 10 working days of the council not issuing a decision consent will be automatically implemented. A lower application fee for a pavement and street café licence of up to £100.”

At Stretch and Style, we designed, manufactured and installed a luxury custom café canopy to provide an extended covered seating area for the hugely popular café at Raby Castle in Durham. Creating these outdoor spaces provides a proven safer and low risk space for customers and staff to be in due to the fresh air providing better ventilation. The wind reduces the risk of infection meaning less transmission of viral particles.  

With the new freedom to utilise more outdoor space, Stretch and Style can help your business thrive. We understand that every space is unique and so we can provide this in the form of a stretch tent. Being able to create a solution to any space, from a café to an outdoor space for your team. We can also provide ongoing management and cleaning, keeping everyone extra safe. 

We would love to create an outdoor solution for you. Contact the team today to discuss your requirements.  

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